Saturday, January 4, 2014


My name is Lonnie Cook and I like old stuff ...

I live in the greatest neighborhood in Orlando:  Park Lake / Highland.  Some of the most important founders of Orlando felt the same and settled here, too.

I created "Orlando Time Machine" to share information about the history of Orlando and Park Lake / Highland that I have researched over the last thirty years.  I hope that you find some tidbits here that will add to your appreciation of our neighborhood.

Some upcoming topics include …

  • Our two famous lakes:  Lake Highland and Park Lake
  • The resident who named Orlando
  • Beer!
  • How to research your house 

The neighborhood is bounded as follows:  (Can you find your house?) [1] [2]
  • WEST:  Highland Avenue from Colonial Drive north to the railroad tracks, then on the east side of the tracks to Virginia Drive.
  • NORTH:  Virginia Drive from the railroad tracks east to Mills Avenue.
  • EAST:  Mills Avenue from Virginia Drive south to Colonial Drive.
  • SOUTH:  Colonial Drive from Mills Avenue west to Highland Avenue.

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Join me next time for a discussion of the most important lake in Orlando …
Lake Highland.



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